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Basic Birth Doula Package: $1000

- 1-2 prenatal visits where we can discuss any concerns or worries you may have. We will also use this time to get to know one another and discuss your birth preferences.

- Text, call and email support anytime you need to chat or have questions.

- 24/7 on-call period from 38-42 weeks. Call me when you think labour may be starting and we will discuss when you want me to join you at your home or birth place.

- Birth support. I will be with you for your labour and birth, and will usually leave 1-2 hours after your baby is born and you're having that precious bonding time. I'm still available for call or text support if you need me

- 1-2 postpartum visits where I can offer basic breastfeeding support, perform light housekeeping, ensure you're fed and hydrated, answer any questions and offer resources as needed



Postpartum Doula Support: $31/hour daytime support and $38/hour overnight support.

Nurturing postpartum visits with focus on the following:

- Breastfeeding support

- Check ins with resources available as needed

- Meal prep

- Light housekeeping (laundry, dishes, etc)

- Help with babywearing

- Emotional and physical support 

- Help with new baby, older children or pets so you can rest, shower and eat

This service is offered at an hourly rate with a minimum # of hours per contract.

Mother and Baby


Childbirth Education Classes: $350

The goal of a Lamaze Childbirth Education Class is to leave you feeling confident and supported in your ability to ask questions, make decisions and navigate your path through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. This class is respectful, transformative and evidence based. We will go over the 6 Healthy Birth Practices and the most recent medical evidence on the topics covered in the curriculum, giving you what you need to be able to make informed decisions and achieve the birth experience you want. We use a workbook, visual aids, activities, games and discussion to cover the curriculum. Some of the topics we cover include:

- The stages of labour, the birth process, hormones and what to expect

- Medical interventions

- Birth Plans/Preferences

- Advocating for yourself and informed consent

- Breastfeeding, the normal newborn, postpartum mood disorders and what to expect in the first 6 weeks postpartum

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Home Based Massage Therapy:

60 Minute Intro Massage: $80

60 Minute Therapeutic, Relaxation or Prenatal Massage: $90

90 Minute Therapeutic, Relaxation or Prenatal Massage: $110

$10 off when you refer a friend or bring in a food bank donation! Monthly giveaways for clients.

Mobile Massage Therapy:

60 Minute Therapeutic, Relaxation or Prenatal Massage: $105

90 Minute Therapeutic, Relaxation or Prenatal Massage: $115

No discounts applied to mobile massage.

Insurance receipts issued for every treatment. Go to 'Massage Therapy' tab for information and to learn about the benefits of pre and postnatal massage!

Massage Therapy
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