"When I connected with Shea during my pregnancy, I didn’t really understand what a doula does. Her understanding of babies really opened up my eyes and helped me with my many questions and worries while preparing for labour and even becoming a new parent! Shea’s insight really helped calm me during a really stressful period of my life. Her kindness, encouragement, and motivation really gave me the strength that I needed to know that I could do this. I will never forget the special part Shea played in helping me have the smooth delivery that I experienced. She literally took all the stress I was feeling away, and helped manage the pain I was in so easily. She was very hands on and very assertive, and would always make sure I was doing okay! Having her helping me through my delivery was the greatest gift. I’m so very thankful for her hard work and making sure that I was supported. She is an amazing doula and knows exactly what she is doing!  I would highly recommend having her at any birth because having the right support can really change the whole experience." - Cardelia F.

"Having Shea as my doula was a blessing. She was my support person from the day I met her. She provided me with resources and was knowledgeable which helped guide me through it. The day I got contractions she came to my home, took care of the timing of my contractions, comforted me, and went to the hospital with me. She was at the hospital all night without much rest or food. At some points, I was so worried about her but she was calm and did everything I needed. Most of the time she seemed to recognize my needs before I even did. She's been extremely supportive and comforting to me throughout to my labour experience. After my son was born, she kept checking up on me and my baby through phone calls and text. She provided me with some information, supported me emotionally and comforted me mentally. When I came home, she came to visit me and my baby. She also help me with some house work and did my dishes while she was here. Since then she have been checking up on me through text. I’m grateful to have her as my doula and I can’t imagine what I went through without her." - Linda M.

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